Aditya or Adi is from India. He is the Wangwraith and he is also the Phoenix. His house is Gryffindor. He is part of the Regulars.

Wangwraith Edit

Adi is the Wangwraith of his Wangland. He is a constant user of the word Wang and he usually hosts Wang Fests. He is the ultimate ruler and he is invincible.He said that he will never give up Wang. He created the Wang speech of Wangdor and claims to be the most prolific wangifier of all.

Phoenix Edit

Adi died from chat and was alive again. His Phoenix powers remains a mystery and others think he has it because of the powers you get as a Wangwraith.

The War and Reuniting of Kingdoms Edit

During the early MS days, a battle for superiority happened between the Wangwraith's Wangland and King Zetera's MS family kingdom. The war lasted for many ages. A lot of Battles had been fought including the Battle of Wang and the Battle of Leprechauns. After the Battle of Leprechauns, everyone was getting sick of the war. During the Great Final Battle of Nargles, Adri,Ayesha and Deanna suggested that Wangwraith Adi and King Zet should tie the knot to unite the two kingdoms. Both agreed and Hudz made it official.