Drea is a Mugglespacer from Puerto Rico. Her House is Slytherin.She is part of the Regulars.

Here is Jake's rap about her:

I have a friend her name is drea,

cross her and she'll make you pay,

Drea is cool,

She swims in the pool,

Drea loves to talk,


Roofdancing Edit

Drea is part of the Roofdancing cult along with Lara and Rose.

Llamas Edit

Drea is a big fan of Llamas. We suspect that the Roofdancers are having Llamas as the inner symbol of their epic roof dancing.

Pantalones Edit

Not everyone could enter her 'Pantalones'. It is where the epic stuff happens.

Marriages and Divorces Edit

Drea was MS married many times.She divorced them all one day because she couldn't handle the pressures of polygamy.