Fatima a.k.a Tim is from Pakistan. She is one of the Mugglespace Mods. Her House is Gryffindor and she is part of the Regulars.

MS Kingdom Edit

Tim was part of the Mugglespace Kingdom. She was proclaimed 'Ginny the Ginevra' by Queen Alexandra. After many ages of bearing the title, she decided to step it down when she asked Adri how many 'Ginnys' and 'Harrys' are on Mugglespace. Knowing that there are 200+ Ginnys in the site, she decided to changer her MS name to her own unique name 'Fatima'.

Chat Mod Edit

In the early MS days, chat was badly in need of more chat mods. The current moderators of the chat were voting on the last pait of chat mods that the should add. Luckily, Tim was voted. Tim is currently one of the most responisble and mature mods in Mugglespace.She is the 2nd Asian mod.