Floo Powder (FP)

Mugglespace chat equivalent to Crack.

E.g something random happens on chat and there will be constant screams of stop snorting the FP.

Addiction Edit

A lot of MSers are addicted to Floo Powder. A suspected Floo Powder user is always high on chat. There is even a Floo Powder Anonomoyus group and Floo Powder Justice Leauge on MS, that has spawned a new level of insanity and delightful nicknames such as Frunk Lass (Sammy), Evil Frunkster (Nelly), Dr. Frunk (Vid), King Frunk (Zet), etc.

Symptoms of a FP-addicted MSer:

  • Uses caps
  • Says Random things
  • Offers FP to anyone
  • Screaming
  • Raving/Dancing

Distribution Edit

Floo Powder is widely Distributed. Two well-known distributors are Sammy and Vid. They are one of the masterminds of FP and they create FPs in different flavours and disguises to avoid the arousal of suspicions.

Raves Edit

In Adri's MS raves, Floo Powder is always used. She is connected to Sammy and Vid and they always offer her Floo Powder. The Raves usually end up in wrecks due to the overdose of FP by some ravers. The term used to describe someone ''intoxicated'' by Floo Powder is Frunk.