Lara is a Portuguese Mugglespacer. She's a Slytherin and is also part of The Regulars . She has a fangroup at Mugglespace: Fangroup. Lara is also a second-host in command at Pottymouths.

Known as / byEdit

She is known by many nicknames including Larabara, Green/Multicolor Poweranger and Abraham. She is also known as the infamous spammer at twichat who spams "I WANT TO LA-PUSH YOU OFF A CLIFF". At the MS chat she can be frequently seen singing "Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton" along with Andrew FP.

Roofdancing, Llamas and Raving Edit

She roofdances with Drea and Rose and is also into Llamas. She is one of Adri's oldest Rave buddies, who invented the Arctic Monkey Floo Powder for her raves.

The Squid Story Edit

One of Lara's most epic moments was long ago when Mugglespace was at its begining. Her room was invaded by the giant squid. The squid had invited her to a costume party but Lara refused the invite (she was not fond of the squid) then, the squid attacked her and tried to kill her. Many mugglespacers helped and saved Lara by turning the squid into sushi. Later, the squid was revived by a hug but Lara was mysteriously killed by The Butler. The Butler's identity remains an MS secret. Lara turned into a ghost and moaned all day despite the mods warnings. A mod-less morning to remember for all. A group was created to discover who killed her: Who Killed Lara Meister?

Marriages Edit

Lara is married to Jake.