Nargles- what are they?! Edit

Nargles is something mentioned constantly by Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series. Each and every person has their own view on the Nargles and own thoughts. However did you know that we had our own nargle, right behind our noses?!

Adri, one of the most popular users/mods on the site is in fact- wait for it, a nargle :O

And while this may be as shocking as the christmas Fudge and Madame Rosmerta got married and adopted a hippogriff as a fudge, it has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm by the users. To know that they personally can talk to a nargle, it's an honour.

Though most still aren't sure exactly what a nargle is, other then it has a attraction towards mistletoe and apparently in Adri's case, hot english men, the legend of the nargles live on.