= Puffins vs. Penguins- The war on everything. Edit

So tired

A penguin after watching a muderous puff kill it's friend.

While most MSers don't care who or what the Puffin/Penguin war is, it has been a source of great anger and disapointment to a few select people, namely Nelly and Jake. Though puffin's are ultimately the more superior out of the two. Nelly continues to dispute this fact and so, sadly, a lot of puffin blood and penguin flubber has been shed on the walls of the chat. MS users are so used to the random bursts of attacks, that they either ignore it or if by some chance they are bored enough, join in.

Casualties Edit

There have been too many casualties on either side to give an accurate number. However at one point the Puffin leader Jake stole all of the male penguins and tried to make them follow his orders, only to find out that Nelly the penguin leader had stolen all the baby puffs and had put them inside a shoe, to be held at ransom. This is but one example of how the war has gotten out of control.

While the fighting has come to a surprsing halt lately, it is only a matter of time before it begins again. 
The time will soon come where you must pick from what is light and what is flubbery. What will you decide?