You say patata, I say potato... Edit

For a long time in MS potatoes were the most popular food. It seemed a moment wouldn't go by when someone didn't talk about the small golden delicious pieces of heaven that we all know and we all have came to love. However, recently it would seem that the potato fad has died.

Instead being replaced by random words/food groups/tennis.

However like most things in life, MS continues to move forward or go backwards a bit, so who knows maybe the potatoes will come back? Here's hoping.

Examples of how Potatoes has effected Mugglespace Edit

Not only did the potato craze redefine out random outbursts on chat, it also started a whole new frenzy of potato related food. It was the biggest thing to hit the fandom since Dumbledore was revealed to be gay or that Hagrid was really Aragog in disguise- oh wait, the last one hasn't been confirmed yet. Oops.

Potatoes have been featured in a number of MS fanfictions written by various MS users, the most popular of these fanfictions is Sunset a Tword parody, written by Vidius The Weird and Adri. Which features Lish and AndrewFP as the two main characters, FP a potato eating vampire and Lish a m&m eating... well, Lish.

"Potato" or "Potatoes" was one of the first examples of how one small insignificant word, could stem of an obsession. Many users loved the word so much because it usually changed the topic of a boring subject such as worms, polka dots and Edwards lack of sparkling in the Twilight movies.