The Regulars

The Regulars started out as a certain group of Early Mugglespacers who are always online in the early days of chat. Because of their excellent friendship, they've decided to make a group. While making the group, some of them came up with the title of 'VIW' a.k.a Very Important Wang. The Regulars were quickly noticed by the normal chatters and so others wanted to be VIW too. The Regulars decided to expand but only the first few ones are proclaimed the Original.


The Regulars admin used to have a court to decide who's going to be VIW but because the other Court Leaders are barely one, Adri is the one currently in charge in proclaiming VIWs. It takes time to be a VIW and you must completely be a Regular of the Mugglespace Chat. Memberships happen randomly and for people who request themselves as VIW will not be attended to right away. You will only be a VIW if you are invited. If you are not then you will have to wait


VIW is not to be taken seriously. It is just a title or an award for the regular chatters of MSC. The chat is usually dead and regulars are very important because they're the only ones who are making the chat alive again. VIW is not a rank. They have no power over Mugglespace or any Mugglenet related sites.

Original Regulars

  • Adri
  • Amanda Rumm
  • Dii
  • Sir Mikey
  • Faraz
  • Queen Alexandra
  • Brandon the Story Traveler
  • Brad
  • Lish
  • EmoNina
  • Nightshade
  • Anjali
  • Alejandra Malfoy
  • Harry Potter[Milo]
  • Sir Caitlin CAIPIRINHA
  • Prince Alyssa
  • Kristin
  • Hudz the Royal Matchmaker
  • Sir Michael Nosbisch of The North
  • Ghostly Executioner Simon
  • Ali Duchess of Wang
  • Nate
  • Ginny the Ginevra
  • Pansy Parkinson
  • Liv
  • Aditya Wangwraith/Phoenix
  • ThatKidNamedAndy
  • Ashlee
  • Kate (The Duchess) McAfee
  • Mays the Kingdom's Personal Sorceress
  • Noam
  • Drea*
  • Cherry the Awesome Matchmaker
  • Sam Watchman [Mod]
  • Anahita
  • Kirti
  • Zetera
  • Royal Peasant Christalina
  • Madam Rosmerta
  • Deanna
  • Bex

New Regulars

  • Nicole360
  • Kieran
  • FiFi a.k.a Lindsay
  • Amy
  • Sammy
  • Mishka
  • Sean
  • James
  • Sammy
  • Sammie
  • Patty
  • Emily
  • Lara
  • Saturnian
  • Doc Drew
  • Andrew FP
  • J Riddle
  • Starry
  • Ana
  • Rose
  • Matt
  • Dobbyboy(Jake)
  • tunagirl(Emma)
  • Amanda Swede
  • Kelsey
  • Kevin
  • Nix
  • Ish
  • Rahul
  • Lou
  • Nimmy
  • Terie
  • Emmie