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Watermelon, pumpkin, duck... Edit

Hello Ducky!

Vidius The Weird is renowned for her weirdness throughout mugglespace, she is particularly famous for her photographs of which she replaces her head with some sort of food. Her many heads have been a cause of great speculation.

Many theorize that each head gives her some sort of power/train of thoughts that she may not have had before hand. Some even swear that once they saw her put on a head made of a big giant, rubber duck. Her heads have become a part of legend.

Vidius lives in a massive lab with her bunny penguin George, where she comes up with ideas to make new floo powder, dances the hokey pokey with emus and throws down her long hair out of a window so a handsome prince will climb up only to push him back down once he has made it all the way to the top.

Though Vidius contends that her heads are no more then a mere decoration, many of the users think otherwise. And wait with a baited breath, until whatever it is Dr. Frunk is planning, comes to be.

Until then...