Popular word in chat. Here is the origin story written from Faraz's pov.

Today was fun at the chatroom. Some girl called Caitlyn introduced this random word 'wang' which was to replace words of exclamations in a sentence, Like, "what the wang!?', "God, what a wanging day!", and "that was wanging great!". Most of the time it sounds like as if it's replacing the word fuck. Maybe but not always. WANG! can be DAMN! too.

Anyway, Andrew Sims entered the chatroom by some other account named "Mod of Mugglespace". He asked us not to Wangify the conversation. I challenged him IF he was a real moderator, he should kick out a girl named Chaley. Haha, I dun even know why I chose Chaley. It didnt matter to me cuz I didnt believe him to be a moderator really. But they he kicked Chaley out and changed his name to Andrew Sims to prove it to us. I still wonder why he didn't kick me out =P

I had some further arguments with him about his demand to not use the word wang in the conversation. His reason to disallow its usage was that the chatroom was for Harry Potter discussions and wang was not a HP discussion. I pointed out people discuss their groups in here and that there was a group for wang. He said there are limited members of wangers. I later pointed out the Mugglecast does NOT have UNLIMITED members.

Then all the girls (pathetic really) started drooling over Andrew and they started discussing Mugglecast. I pointed out Mugglecast is not a Harry Potter discussion either. He just said, you know what I mean, Faraz'. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, I won the argument.

Haha, since Chaley was banned for four hours because of me, she made another account named Chaley2, came back and attacked me. It was hilarious. I got the poor girl kicked out. Anyway, it was all kidding from then onwards but I enjoyed it and have no intentions to stop Wangifying the chatrooms. And hey, Chaley, muah! =P

Also, I am wanging pleased with the success of my groups. Both of them are on the most active group page, Hogwarts Literary Club being on number 3. I seem to have made some intelligent friends and think Mugglespace wanging rocks for getting us together.

I quite like some of the ideas they've come up with. I wouldn't mind co-writing with some of them. I hope the competition goes well, though.

Also, the exams HAVE to go well and I dunno how that will happen unless I stop writing right now and go back to my Business Studies textbook. Wang exams and wang Edexcel!

So will be back later,

And that is the origin of wang